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We monitor and analyze all the different types of Federal Regulatory Agency documents...
Our Math is simple:  Days of Analytics +  Regulatory Documents + 17 Federal Agencies = THE ONE (n) arasa Platform

You save time by analyzing all regulatory changes or potential change indications within a single (n) arasa platform.

We monitor numerous change sources (e.g. regulatory agencies), and analyze various types of documents

You mitigate risk by running a Proactive Analysis, and analyzing the identified potential changes and their likelihood.

We identify regulatory compliance-related events before which may create compliance risk for your organization.

You prioritize the identified areas of actual or potential changes.

We unveil affected areas by examining numerous regulatory and compliance events and their impact.

You receive Periodic reports covering the regulatory landscape relevant to your organization.

We deliver customized periodic reports, generated based on your criteria.

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We can deliver customized, personalized reports based on your selected search terms.

All reports are generated by 6:00 AM Eastern Time each business day.

You can find sample reports below which will be delivered overnight.

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